Hey Toons! I'm planning to remove the Cog Moves tables from the Cog pages and replacing them with the new templates.

Why? Because the tables look horrible and need clean-up! That's my aim, clean-up!

Well anyways, the template will function differently. I've been wondering how I should format it, when this hit my forehead. There will be a Header template (with the level of the Cog [and HP] and a secondary template with the Cog Moves. This will be my biggest goal, because there are tons of Cog Moves!

Some templates need phrases. This is an easy thing to do as all you have to do is copy down the Phrases from the pages and paste it on "said-template." See example: Template:Phrases/ParadigmShift, Template:Phrases/Chomp.

Here's an example (in source mode):

*''"You've never shifted this much in your life."''
*''"Chomp, chomp, chomp."''

Which will become:

  • "You've never shifted this much in your life."
  • "Chomp, chomp, chomp."

Make sure you start with two ' (apostrophe) and one " (quotation mark) ''" and end with "'' (same thing but reverse)!

List (Alphabetically and Grouped)

Normal Moves

Group Moves

Signature Moves

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