Strolling along the Wiki... "Oh Look! Cog Fighting?! And Cog Battles?!" *Looks in Cog Fighting Page* (Description) "These Gags actually fight Cogs(excluding toon-up)"... *Looks through list* ??? Cog Moves??! I thought that was supposed to be for Gags... Uhh huh... One way or another, Cog Fighting sounds like "Cogs Fighting the Toons".

Yep. I think it's time to remove duplicated Categories. This goes along with Duplicate pages. I'm tired of seeing duplicated pages being edited by the same contributor... You should know that's a Duplicate!

For example:

Basically, both are the same topic... uhh huh... yep. I think "Invasion" should go. "Cog Invasions" uses the proper name. "Invasion" can mean anything, like Toon Invasion or Monkey Invasion or even one of our fellow contributors, (example) Man for the job's Invasion. Hehe. :P That would be cool though...

Um.. anyways, it's time to remove duplicate pages! :D



Exceptions! By Exceptions, I mean these pages can stay!

  • Fish vs Fishing. Different Topics.
    • Fish - Lists all Fish species and where to catch and what about the Fish.
    • Fishing - Its the activity

I've only kept those pages for review... turns out, nobody even reads it. I actually take my time looking around the Wiki Activity to see if any Bad Contributors changed a page. I even look through Templates! -_- You can just start editing randomly. You also can't just look at the most recent pages that was edited(the ones that are at the top of the List)

Since I can't play Toontown, most of my time is to contribute to the Wiki. No, I do not make cheap edits. It's that you don't contribute more than what I do. And lucky for you, you have working Toontown. D:

Nights Contact Me! 00:23, February 23, 2011 (UTC)

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