Hey Toons! With the upcoming new Field Offices, I'd like to know who are the SOS Toons! I'll be creating a Template for this purpose.

If you know an FO-SOS Toon that is not listed below, please comment! We need tons of information!

Update: By the looks of 3 Toons with different Star-Values for each Gag Tracks, this may be the entire list for now.

Current SOS Toons


  • Phil Bettur(Royal Blue Monkey, no-star)
  • Emma Phatic(Royal Blue Bear, 1-star)
  • GiggleMesh(Citrine Bear, 2-stars)


  • Des Traction(Aqua Duck, no-star)
  • Dee Version(Lavender Mouse, 1-star)
  • Bo Nanapeel(Orange Monkey, 2-stars)


  • Bea Sharpe(Sea Green Monkey, no-star)
  • Otto Toon(Citrine Bear, 1-star)
  • Al Capella(Bright Red Pig, 2-star)


  • Anne Ville(Lime Green Pig, no-star)
  • Bud Erfingerz(Coral Horse, 1-star)
  • J.S. Bark(Brown Dog, 2-stars)

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