With the closure of Disney's Toontown Online, many have created private servers to keep the game alive. We would like to remind everyone that private servers are NOT allowed on the wiki.

Toontown Wiki is not a host for private servers. Anything pertaining to the private servers are banned from the wiki. This includes:

  • Talking to your friends about it on their talk pages or any talk page in general
  • Commenting on blog posts mentioning or linking to
  • Creating blog posts pertaining to
  • Creating/editing articles/categories pertaining to
  • Uploading images, videos, and other media
  • Linking to or mentioning on any user page or the user profile masthead
  • User names
  • And so on

Private servers are not part of the official Toontown Online works. What this means is that anything added on the private servers are not canon to the original work. Therefore, they are not official work, and the purpose of Toontown Wiki is to provide the official works of the game. Aside from that, these private servers are breaking the US copyright law, even if they were abandoned or are served as a free product (gains no profit). Toontown Wiki will not allow anything illegal on the wiki.

Regardless of whether the game is legal or illegal, private servers will not be tolerated on the wiki. By breaking our policy, you may be subjected to three days minimum to an indefinite block from the wiki after your first or second warning.

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