Project:Phrases is now in effect! Some Cog move phrases will need more phrases before the final product from replacing all Cog move tables from Cog articles will be replaced with Cog move box templates!

How do you work it?

Simple; you do what you do already: just edit like you normally would edit a page.

Still confused? Here:

*''"Your shift is up."''
*''"I'm giving you the bad shift."''

However, please make sure you put phrases above this line:

Also, please rename the red area ([[Category:Templates|Phrases]]) and place in Phrases (move name). (Such as [[Category:Templates|Phrases Paradigm Shift]] or [[Category:Templates|Phrases Chomp]])

Full List

Here's the complete list of all Phrases template.

Normal Moves

Group Moves

Signature Moves

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