Hey toons! Well, rather this is a message to go to the staff of the wiki. Wiki administrators and rollbacks are recommended to read the following message:

Lately in the past few weeks/months, I have become aware of the usage of the "Revert" tool. The revert button is a useful tool to undo edits with one click of a button, leaving a predefined summary, also hiding the latest edit from appearing in the wiki activity. However, the revert tool should only ever be used to undo vandalism (to hide it in the wiki activity), or any other form that could be considered malicious. Using the revert tool on an edit that isn't in any way vandalism but rather:

  • A disagreement in an edit
  • A repetition of info
  • An addition of opinions or unnecessary info
  • Uncited info that might be valid

Should be avoided at all cost. Why? One, it can cause editing disputes (edit wars). Two, it can also discourage users if a reason was not provided.

When undoing edits, it is recommended to leave a summary of why you undid the edit. This way, users can be aware of why the edit can't be added to the page. They will also, most of the time, discuss about the edit they added, and we can collaborate together to fix things.

Also, you may wonder, "What does it mean 'uncited info that might be valid'?" For one thing, sometimes things may be valid info that we undo. There is a reason we have Template:CitationNeeded, and that's to further clarify if the info provided is valid. If we're definitely not sure if the info is valid or not, edit the page and add the template. Of course, if the info is obviously not valid, then you can go ahead and undo the edit, leaving a justified reason for why the info isn't valid.

This isn't to point fingers. In fact, I too should also consider using this method since sometimes when I'm busy editing other articles, I have no time to leave a summary. No one is at fault. This is just a recommendation for smoother and better communication between users.

Thanks, and happy editing!

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