Hey toons! Recently I became interested in the sound files we have on this wiki. Seeing as we have a music page, I thought to myself, "Why not have a sound effect page?" And thus, I have created a sound effect page and inputted the sound files we have.

While on my way, I believe there are A LOT of sound effects. I've listed some of the ones I can come up with, but I believe there are some that I've missed. See Sound effect for the current list. There are also some that I believe are the same sound in the same category (ie: Monkey sounds). If you believe they are the same, you can group the following and organize the table.

As of now, if you know how to convert sound files into ogg (since you can't upload MP3 or other types), then you may volunteer in this project. We are missing numerous files, and it would be great to have some.

This is not a major project, but if you would like to participate, feel free to do so!

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