Hey Toons! I've been working on Toontask for the past few days, and I was wondering, should we include what the Toon says?

Here's what I'm trying to say:

  • "Hey there toon! I need your help! I need you to defeat 4 Cogs!"
  • "Welcome back! Now defeat 4 (Bossbots, Lawbots,etc.) in Toontown Central!"
  • "Thanks for helping me out! Now go see (Franz Neckvein, etc.) to start your Gag Training!"

Here's a format I've inputted (note these are just examples!):


Flippy will give Toons a Toontask... blah blah blah... unicorns.... unicorns with hammers... yep...


Flippy will ask you to defeat 4 Cogs in Toontown Central. Then, he will need you to defeat 4 Bossbots,etc. Finally, he will ask you to visit Honey Haha,etc. to start your Gag Training.


  • "Hey there Toon! Can you make a trip to Claggart for me?"
  • "Thanks for bringing me a Clean Clovis! Now visit Admiral Hook!"
  • "Now I need you to defeat 2 Level 2+ Story Cog Buildings in Donald's Dock!"
  • "Thanks for helping me out! You can now carry Lure Gags."


...Toontask Table... Corn

Well, I tried explaining it. I'm not sure what to name the "Story" and "Speech" section, so give me your ideas and I will (or you will, but please allow me to see it before you change[input] it) change the section's name. It would be great to know what the NPC Toon said before sending you to do stuff. Plus, it's a Wiki, so shouldn't we have every bit of info about Toontown, like stalkers? Lol. And No fake sayings!

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