Toontown Wiki

Well, I'm improving Toontown Wiki's performance.

March 27, 2011

  • New, unscrollable background!

March 23, 2011

  • New Main Page coming soon.
  • Main Page Slider added to... well... the Main Page.

March 20, 2011

  • Capability of having more Wiki-navigation menus (instead of 1 *, have 3 *** for a new menu. 4 **** for submenus). The limit of 4 menus and 7 submenus is now overridden, as long as you have *** and ****.
  • User contributions (yours) can now be found under your name at the top right corner (next to the Log Out; hover over the dropmenu)
  • History Button can be located at the EditTools (might look into this)
  • Collapsible Tables
  • Added Clock feature - those who are not UTC time, guess what, there you go! (Definitely useful for those who want to earn the"Wiki Love" badges [the ones that are given for the certain amount of days])
  • Added "Removed Category Gallery"

March 19, 2011

  • Added "Remove Image added by" into Wikia.css.

How do you like the new edit bar? Sure has handy things!

  • Added Number Listing, Bullet Points, Tab, Category Link, Interwiki Link
Edit Bar.png
  • Added Link to Users and User talks
  • Added Bold-Italics, Category, Template, and Different Name
  • Added Headlines 2, 3, and 4 (aka Sections)
  • Added Center which allows you to center your text

Button center.png

  • Added 7 new editting buttons for those who can't use the "Rich Style Edit"


More to come later on.


These things are in order from Center to Redirect.

Center - allows you to center your text

  • Number Listing - can be used for steps or other things (the 1. 2. 3.'s)
  • Bullet Points - can be used for things such as Trivias
  • Indent - allows you to indent the line you are on
Insert Text Here
  • Headline 2, 3, 4 - allows you to make sections and subsections
  • Bold-Italics - allows you to Bold and italicize your text
  • Big - increases the text's size
  • Small - decreases the text's size
  • Underline - underlines Your text
  • Strike-Through - strikes your text
  • Different Name - allows you to link a page but with a different name
    • example: Cashbot Mint to just Mint - Mint
  • User - Allows you to link to a user's userpage
  • User talk - allows you to link to a user's talk page
  • Category - allows you to put a category
  • Category Link(one that is underlined) - allows you to link a category without being a category itself (it's a link instead)
  • Template - inputs two brackets, which allow you to use a template
  • InterWiki- allows you to link to another Wikia network
  • Comment - only shows during edit mode; it will not show up on the page
  • Youtube - allows you to insert a youtube video
  • Redirect - links a redirect
  1. REDIRECT Cupcake