Hey Toons! Want to be phrased for all your hard work? We, admins, will see your progress in Toontown Wiki and the top three Toons who have edited the most with major improvements in those pages will be nominated!

The prize? Well... give me some of your ideas!

Here's some of my ideas that will "phrase" you Toons to become more popular!

  • Featured on the Main Page for a whole 2 weeks
  • Color of name changed and will be featured in various pages (just like us admins)
    • Want your favorite color? You can check your favorite color right here! Visit Web colors for all available colors! After choosing your favorite color, you can ask me, Bermuda, right here by commenting below!


These Users have been nominated for March 20 - April 3! Vote now! Voting ends Saturday March 19 (20 for UK Users)

  1. JellyrollZillerwig - 3 Votes
  2. Theevina - 1 Vote
  3. ToontasticToon212 - 1 Vote

JellyrollZillerwig won the Top Toon of March 20 - April 3! Congrats! JellyrollZillerwig will be featured on the Main Page for an entire 2 weeks! Vote for April 4 - April 17's Top Toon right here!

  • Aww, you didn't win... That's okay! You can try in the next 2 weeks after we announce the winner!
  • Yes, I won! Yes you did! You'll be featured on the main page written on a whole article about you! Your name's color will also be changed! But since you won, you're not allowed back on the Poll for another session. You'll have to wait a Month (from the day you won to May 1). Give some people a chance to win! Lol.



The mouse of the rats. The best friend of friends. The Cog-Crushing monster living in Cog Headquarters! Watch out! JellyrollZillerwig is out there, waiting for a Glad Hander to pop out of Sellbot Factory! Getting out that maxed-out Whole Fruit Pie and creaming those nasty Cogs! JellyrollZillerwig has been nominated for hard work in Toontown Wiki! Vote now before he squirts you with his Seltzer Bottle!


Theevina. Strong. Loyal. Crazed. Crazed? Yes, crazed. Theevina joined only a few weeks ago. But check out Theevina's progress! #2 on the leaderboard?!? Theevina beat Bermuda! Whoa! Un-stubbing those Stubby pages, helping out in certain projects and task, "Evina" definitely deserves to be nominated. Vote now! Theevina is ready to work hard as usual! Theevina is also ready to surpass Man for the job on the leaderboard... watch out MFTJ!


Toontastic! What? Toontastic! Say that again? TOONTASTIC!!! Stop yelling at me! Sheesh. Oh right, the Top Toons. ToontasticToo.. Toontastic!!! Stop! Ok... ToontasticToon212 has worked so hard getting those pages into categories, removing spam, and definitely bragging his knowledge into those pages! That's what we need! He deserves to be nominated! One day, you'll be "Mr. Hollywood"... maybe tomorrow... Vote now! Toontastic!

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