Hey toons! Yes that's right! Top Toons, our featured user program, and badges (achievements) return to the wiki!

This year, and the following, Top Toon is now run by Flower1470. There are new sets of rules, and some features of the program have been altered or removed entirely. However, you still get main page dedication and an italicized purple-colored username!

Achievements also return. However, please do remember that what caused achievements to be disabled last year was when users cheated to earn for them. Not only did they cheat for it, but they also broke some wiki rules, such as spamming and improper categorizing, etc.

With the return of achievements, the administrators may be strict on blocking cheaters.

Please follow the wiki rules. Earn the badges the right way, and there will be no problem. This is a privilege, not a competition.

Enjoy the return of these features!

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