Hey Toons! Bermuda here, of course. Anyways, I'm releasing a tiny new feature called "Work Hard for a Big Reward". This is a once-in-a-lifetime offer. Any guesses on the big reward? Hint hint: Non-members can get to do more in Toontown.


  • WilburStorm: Broccoli?
  • FlyingSquirrel192: Broccoli with cheese?
  • GamerPerson: Broccoli covered in cheese with sprinkles on top?

Good grief. You guys are bad guessers.

  • @Wilbur: No
  • @FlyingSquirrel: Nooo
  • @Gamer: Gross.

It's a free membership! That's right! A free membership, hence once-in-a-lifetime offer. Yes, a 1-month deal! Great! You can take it... but... there's a catch....


Okay, here are the rules:

  • Work hard for the reward
  • Must have a Wikia account to participate
  • Do not vandalize... self-explanatory...
    • Revert those vandalism before I do, and I'm pretty darn active
  • Do not harass another user
  • Help new users out by giving them helpful links to the wiki
  • Edit, edit, edit. The more quality you put into the articles, the more I'll likely choose you.
    • Add pictures! Work on projects! Do something to the article! There's more to do in this wiki. Have you seen the Sellbot Factory page? There ain't no picture of the Lava Room. What a disgrace.... Shame on you for not putting one.
    • The better formatting style you use in your edits, the more I'll pick you. Arrange the pictures, reorganize sentences, do something!
  • Work hard for the reward
  • Eat cheese
  • Just don't eat broccoli covered in cheese
  • Oh, I already say Work hard for the reward... twice


If you do not want to participate in this activity, please comment below.

Another note, if work is on slow-motion for every user, I'm afraid I'll extend the deadline. You work hard for the reward, and there can only be one winner.

You may be wondering why I'm this generous. Well, it's a pretty good reason. One, I ain't got no Toontown. Two, I had this game card handy... before I ain't got no Toontown occurred. I was going to use it, but Toontown let me down. :(

Anyways, work hard! This activity ends August 31! On 2011? No... on the year 2147. o_o

Once the winner has been chosen, please visit the Chat, so that I may reward you via Private Messaging.

Later! Comment below for any confusions and/or comments!


And the winner is...


Congratulations! You will receive a one-month membership!

It was a close call between every user in here who wanted to participate. SuperGeyser was close, but the multiple edits on a single page broke it. Anyways, great job to all the users in this wiki who have done a tremendous job with editing!

See you all next time, if there is a next time! :P

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