Hi guys, it's Chris. I know this is a little Offtopic and I know that Earth day is the 22th, but I just want to express my feelings. You all have probally heard of Earth Day, It's when we all go out to enjoy the one thing that is keeping us alive, the Earth. I have been a lover of Earth Day, actully, a lover and protector of the enviorment. I know that sounds a bit hippyish, but still, year after year the earth is slowly rotting away ( It's true. ). so anyways, all I'm asking is this, if you could, please just plant a tree on earth day, and also not to waste. Without trees, we could suffocate. ( Again, I know it sounds hippyish, but do you want to live in a world it's hard to breath? ) So that's all I wanted to say, I hope you guys a wonderful Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

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