Hello toontown this is Cool Candy! Im starting to feel really bad for Toons that have 75 or less laff and want to Vp. So I want to start a little Group.. I guess you could say it's like the "cold callers guild" but in some ways it's different. If you're tired of getting pushed away from higher toons then this is the perfect group that will help you. If you ever see me Cool Candy Dizenwoof. Or a Miss Lollipop ( who is a purple mouse with 105 laff ) then ask us to help you with anything and we will it doesn't matter what it is. It could be with Training, Bullions coins, or Dollars. And factory's or with toontasks and building. We will help you. So if you ever see us then you feel free to ask. We are mainly in Summit or river but if you want to be in a specific district then we will be. Have fun!

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