Are Bossbot Fronts too Long?

Hi toons! Corky here! Today I will be talking about the debate that has been going on for a while. Are Bossbot Fronts too long?

In my opinion, I really do think they are too long, and here is why. I was doing a front 3 yesterday which took me about 15- 20 minutes. Front threes are not this issue here though. It's the sixes and nines. I also did a six yesterday and that took me almost an hour. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? AN HOUR?! Yes I did just get a little crazy there but seriously it really should not take that long. I should also mention that this had no training involved in it what-so-ever. If this took an hour, just imagine how long a nine would have taken.

Well toons, that was my rant for tonight. see you all later.

Corky out!

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