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  • Flower1470

    Current projects

    November 22, 2014 by Flower1470

    Hey everyone! It seems like we've gotten a sudden boost of activity, so I figured I should make a quick post about what we're currently doing here. Now that Toontown Online is gone, we're trying to fix up everything to (as I like to call it) "museum status." This means to get everything in order so we can preserve the game as it was.

    Trading cards
    We are unsure of how many pictures/descriptions we're missing. Some pictures need to be replaced while descriptions need to be verified (and corrected if necessary). Toonography cards should be put on the respective NPC's page, cogs on the respective cog's page, etc, as well as on the Trading cards page itself. Please do not steal images off the internet! Always ask for permission first!

    UPDATE (11/16…

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  • Flower1470

    Well, the time has come once again for me to step up for this wiki's benefit.

    I am looking to adopt (that is, to gain bureaucrat rights) this wiki due to a few circumstances. Our current adopter has been inactive for several months and will remain that way for several more. Our other administrator, who was the second most active user here, recently resigned from his position. That makes me the most active user here who is suitable for the job.

    In order to adopt I need a community consensus. If everything goes well I will apply in one week.

    Thanks for reading. I would appreciate if you would comment your opinion below. :)

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  • Flower1470

    Top Toon - Discussion

    October 1, 2013 by Flower1470

    Once again, there are no users to nominate this month for Top Toon.

    The first thing I thought of was closing down the program altogether. With the unfortunate closure of Toontown, I believe that the activity on this Wiki will eventually decline (more so than it has already). However, I would like the opinion of the community before making any decisions.

    If anyone has any questions/suggestions/concerns/etc. please feel free to ask/tell/whine/etc. here.

    ~Lily ♥

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  • Flower1470

    Black Cat Friday!

    September 17, 2013 by Flower1470

    This CATastrophic Friday the 13th is having purrfectly weird effects on the Silly Meter...

    Every Toon who jumps into Toontown this Friday, September 13th is *poof* a BLACK CAT all day long! (ulp - even Flippy!)

    With the Silly Meter on the blink, there's no telling what size or shape black cat you will be – just jump in and test your luck this Friday the 13th to see!

    Don't miss meowt – head into Toontown this Friday the 13th for a black cat blast of craziness!

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  • Flower1470

    Cold Callers Come A-Callin'

    September 11, 2013 by Flower1470

    BRRR-ring! That's the call of the most chilling of Cogs – the Cold Caller!

    The unseasonably wacky winter weather seems to be calling forth these frosty fellows in force. Invading Cold Callers plan to put Toontown in a deep freeze on Wednesday, September 11 and Thursday, September 12 at these times (all Pacific Time):

    • 2am - 5am
    • 12pm - 3pm
    • 6pm - 9pm

    If you'd like to avoid the icy invaders altogether, the Resistance Rangers have melted these Districts into safe zones:

    • Crazy Grove
    • Gigglyfield
    • Giggly Hills
    • Goofy Valley
    • Silly Valley
    • Zany Acres  

    The Toon Resistance recommends keeping your Squirting Flower gags thawed out and ready. After all, water melts ice and rusts robot parts!

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