Without going into too much detail, I'm going to try to explain this.

By saying a Speedchat phrase in a certain place, a toon appears out of nowhere, friends you, and says "Where shall we go?"

After saying where you want to go, the toon goes to that place and asks you to teleport. Once you telelport, they defriend you and leave.

THIS IS A HACK! Do not use this system! There have been widespread reports of people getting terminated! In a phone call with Disney, my friend asked if this was a new feature. The person said "Absolutely not!"

I just wanted to warn you guys, in case anyone comes across this.

UPDATE (6-3-13): I just found out some new information about this.
The only way a person can get banned for this is if someone else reports them while doing it. Unfortunately I have seen people do this.
Of course, there's always a question: Will Disney look into the report? Nobody can know for sure. Disney is spontaneous when it comes to investigating reports.
People are still getting banned/terminated for this. I'm still urging you not to use them. It's not worth it.

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