Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've done any major edits, so I made a blog post to make up for it :) The Wiki is going great; we might be better competetion with the other Wikis, ha ha.


  • Use proper grammar, please! It is annoying to read the Trivia, only to see that the last Trivia statement is a run-on.
  • When inserting images from the game, it is courteous to crop out the things that aren't needed (Such as other Toon's Name Tags, Speedchat Buttons, Shticker Book, etc.). Remember to save the images in .png format!
  • Be consistent; if there is a Level and HP chart for a Cog, the chart should look similar to another Cog's Level and HP chart (Excluding the Level information, etc.)
  • The "Summary" function is to summarize what you've done in your edit. It's good to use this sometimes (I use it if I can't find any particular information about a subject and kept it blank; it's good to alert people of an incomplete article.)


Okay, I'm a little irritated about all these articles regarding Toons that are hackers. We don't need so many of those, anyway! If this Wiki was about Toons, we would make articles on other Toons, that would be fair; But we don't. I also should admit that the majority of these articles are poorly written and/or do not have sufficient information for a proper article. I'm not going to go scour everywhere for these Toons to recieve more information, and I doubt the majority of the editors want to, either. We also have other articles that also need help that are part of the gameplay on Toontown that seem to be more important than articles about other Toons who like to screw with the game, thinking it's more productive than actually enjoying the game itself. So please, refrain from making so many hacker articles!

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