Despite the name, this is regarding battle with Toons Hit and Cogs Miss.  I think it would be a great idea, and hopefully you think so too.  What if, figuratively speaking, when you use a Toons Hit i.e. Soggy Nell, you get an extra turn?  I noticed and have commented on Toontown what the point is of using a Toons Hit when it gets all the toons, even yourself, and you dont have a chance to use an actual gag?  I propose that when you go to your SOS Toons and you click a Toons Hit, it shows up in the square where is says what gag, SOS, etc. you're using and this appears: / Then it goes back to your gag screen and you choose a gag to use.  That way, when Soggy Nell comes out and does the toons hit on you, you yourself will have a chance to use a gag so that there will actually be a point to the SOS toon using Toons Hit on you, instead of you doing nothing at all.  Know what I'm saying?  This may seems weirdly worded.  If that's the case, I'll comment a simpler version if I can think of one.

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