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I've noticed that gags' articles provide an equation for calculating at what number of skill points at which a certain gag is improved. The result for this equation is (in most if all cases) a number with a decimal point. The number is then rounded, and used to calculate some or all the points where the damage of the gag increases.
For instance, in the Birthday Cake article, the following equation is used to calculate the gap between the skill points for any new damage boost:

$ \frac{10000-6000}{100-48}=\frac{4000}{52}=76.9 $

And as a result, every new dagae should be added every 77 points. Right?
Wel, it seems to me more reasonable if toontown were to round that number after the total damage calculation, and not after checking the skill point for every number. Imagine buying 100 sweets, that each one costs $0.99 (and just for the example, suppose there are no cents in this country). If the rounding is done before adding all the sweets together, you won't get your $2 change. So i wanted to investigate it a bit, and my assumption was that the only rounded number is the skill point for each new damage, and not the gap itself.
According the article Birthday Cake, the damage increases to 90 when reachin 9,234 skill points. But according to my theory: $ 6000 + 42 * 4000 / 52 = 9230.76923076923 $, so it should be at 9230 or 9231 skill points- depends on how tt rounds their number (round, round up or round down).
The result, however, was even more surprising. Not only was the number lower than what the article stated, it actually was lower than what i expected. It seems like it reaches a damage of 90 at the skill point of 9214, if not before. Therefore, i think there are only 2 possible explanations, based on the fact that there are equations to begin with:

  • The skill points for each damage are indexed, which means that an equation can only be a rough estimation, unless getting very complicated.
  • The skill points gap (4000 / 52 = 76.923) is rounded down, and then the number of the answer that can be added to 6000 (when the cake is obtained) without leaving a remainder is the number of damage boost your gag gets. According to this calculation, the result should be 9192 and not 9234.

I haven't checked it with more gags yet, but as the real values seem to be different than what the articles state, i think that more checking needs to be done about this.
Penguin-Pal (talk) 07:01, September 8, 2014 (UTC)

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