Hey toons! A lot of you probably already know about the conflict between leaving of Trap, or leaving of Drop.

There are advantages and disadvantges for each, and in the end, I'm going to tell you my opinion.

Lets start off with Trap.



  • It's the most powerful gag.
  • A organic level seven trap can destroy a group of four level twelve cogs.
  • It has perfect accuracy.


  • The cog needs to be lured after the trap is used for it to hit.
  • If you're alone, it could take two or more turns for you to use trap, then lure.
  • You can carry less trap gags then any other gag type.
  • You cannot use more than 1 trap on a cog, or the traps will cancel out and will do nothing.

Now for Drop.



  • It is the second most powerful gag.
  • Except for the piano, Drop gags are already at their maximum damage when first gotten.
  • Throw, Squirt, Sound and Trap increase the chance of Drop hitting


  • It has low accuracy
  • Drop always misses on lured cogs.

So in the end, remember this is my opinion, I would leave of trap, and here's why.

First, even though drop has low accuracy, lure also has low accuracy, and trap can only work with lure.

Also, even though trap is the most powerful gag, drop still does lots of damage, and doesn't need anything else for it to hit, even though with Throw, Squirt, or Sound used, it has even better accuracy.

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