In an interview with Jesse Shcell(, I was able to get some information about unreleased projects originally planned to be in Toontown Online!

1. FUNNY FARMS WAS ONCE REAL. But it was never released.

2. There was going to be a Playground owned by Goofy which would probably be the most wacky. In fact, you'd be upside down!

3. When racing was implemented, they went back and forth about letting you drive around Toontown instead of walking, though that was still an option.

4. There was once going to be a game mode called "Toon on Toon Combat." Jesse ALWAYS thought it would be released, but it never was.

5. NOT EVEN JESSE knows what was behind that never-released Acorn Acres Tunnel. It's a mystery to everyone.

So yeah! Some Toontastic info, huh?

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