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  • Theevina

    Move locking articles

    February 7, 2014 by Theevina

    Hi everyone, I forgot to post this earlier, but I've been move locking the most important articles on the wiki. This mean they cannot be renamed by anyone other than an administrator. As an ongoing process of securing the wiki after the game closed, I hope that this will discourage users from making decisions about naming and reorganizing articles their own way, and maybe make vandalism harder to see on the wiki activity page. If nothing else, I don't think they need to be renamed anyway because we're fairly confident about their names.

    If you think a page needs to be renamed please post a blog post to talk about it, or if it is a mistake, ask an administrator to fix it.


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  • Theevina

    A Message from Evina

    September 19, 2013 by Theevina

    So this is it. Toontown is closing. Many things which I could say have already been said, but I think it is appropriate to share a few words about what this game means to me.

    I began playing the game at a very difficult time in my life, a time that to some extent continues to this day. It was fun, but I shared a lot of playing time with VMK which took the majority of my interest I believe. Then it closed. I was crushed. I turned to Toontown full time as a substitute. But little did I know how that substitute would turn into such a substantial thing for me.

    Toontown is a very unique game. It retains its charm even after years without updates, the unchanging simple gameplay, and certain players wreaking havoc. I believe that beyond the game it…

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  • Theevina

    The notebook mystery

    June 5, 2013 by Theevina

    I was cleaning out my room today and ran into this notebook. I remember getting it a few years back. I don't know when or why but I wanted to put something about it on the wiki.

    Then I ran into a problem. I can't find any information about this notebook anywhere that I search! Has anyone else received this or have any information about it? Please let me know. I don't think I ever won a contest because I never entered one.

    Thank you.

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  • Theevina

    Unused file cleaning

    May 21, 2013 by Theevina

    I don't know if I've talked about this before or not. Forgive me if I have.

    There is a list of files I like to work on:

    I regularly like to go through and delete the files that are not being used by any page. Ok, I might not be sure how many people actually search for existing files. Mostly it seems everyone just likes to upload new ones. But I want to have at least a degree of control over what files there are on the wiki. Call me crazy...

    So what I want to say is this: If there's something on that list that you want then use it on a page before it's gone.

    I will not delete images used in templates or badges. For some reason those also appear on the list.

    There's a lot of little toon face icon…

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  • Theevina

    I've seen a lot of confusion about what pages should or shouldn't have the Members only and Locations for members only categories. This is easy to understand as we can probably agree that most of Toontown and its stuff is reserved for subscribed members of the game. But I think most of us can also agree that we can't add it to every individual page either.

    So what can we do? I propose changing those categories to somehthing to represents the oppoiste, things that non-subscribers can go to, get, or use.

    Please post your ideas for the title of such a category, any questions about this plan, or when we want to do it.


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