That is so cool that you would go out of your way to help Cold Callers and low cog suit and low laff toons.  I currently have two toons who have their cog suits (Cuddles - 100 laff and Anita Balla Yarn - 57 laff) and they are a Name Dropper level 7 and Telemarketer level 2, respectively, and no one EVER invites me!  I am VERY experienced with V.P. and I just wish toons would stop being so selfish and only inviting other Mr. Hollywood or Mingler or Two-Face toons.  They are afraid that they will go sad, but NEWS FLASH!  The Hollywoods have probably so many jellybeans and they can buy their gags again and they can always get more laff!  It just not fair.  Its good to know that you would help out other people Cool Candy.

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