The Silly Meter explodes, shooting the red liquid into the atmosphere. Since Toontown materials don't mix anywhere else, the liquid causes a huge violent storm that causes disaster to Toontown. Buildings get destroyed and the cogs stop roaming the streets, for the rain will destroy them. Lightning strikes Cashbot HQ, causing an electrical surge to rush through Cashbot HQ, killing all power. Since the power is out, the security is shut down so all toons can breech the security and get inside. Toons don't need cog suits to get in anymore for the cogs don't want to come out and attack them before they reach the C.F.O. Unfortunately for toons, the cogs detected the storm way before the toon council. They devised a plan to send extra help from Bossbot, Lawbot, and Sellbot HQ's to go help protect the C.F.O. As toons come in to battle, they are surprised by the mix of cogs they fight. This time, the cogs win. The Toon Council didn't detect that it would be this hard. Meanwhile, a new force arises. Because of the constant rain, the lakes are flooding. The toons can't fish anymore and the trolleys don't work since the electricity doesn't work anymore. (Bossbot & Lawbot HQ's have generators) Since toons are unable to get jellybeans to buy gags, the toons become helpless. (Toons can still harvest trees) The C.E.O., C.J., C.F.O., and V.P. realize that this is the perfect opportunity to unleash their most powerful weapon yet. They have been hiding for generations beyond the waterfalls in Chip and Dale's Acorn Acres. The bosses travel to Acorn Acres where they open the path to get to Cog Nation, where the Chairman has been building extra cogs, but keeping them so the toons don't destroy them. The unleash the thousands of cogs, skelecogs, and virtual skelecogs out to destroy all toons. With them come a new set of cogs, more powerful then the Mingler that can kill a high toon with a single attack. They leave Cog Nation and enter the street that leads to Acorn Acres. The Toon Council sends their best toons to try to defeat these cogs, but none return, happy. The cogs have created a serum that they put into the toons so they stay sad, forever. Flippy orders all toons to stay in the playgrounds so they can't get this permanent sadness. The cogs enter Acorn Acres and cross over to Donald's Dock entrance. The cogs have never crossed this border and don't know what to expect. The cogs cross the border into the playground where they destroy the boat and all the buildings. The set up barriers so no toons can enter into the playgrounds, or leave. The make their way down Barnacle Boulevard, where they meet toons not yet notified. They make them permanently sad and enter Punchline Place, where the street is empty. They destroy the buildings with the new cogs good attacks and reach they Toontown Central. They stop at the entrance because they cannot pass, for Flippy has set up a barrier to destroy any cogs that try to cross. The new cogs attack the barrier with their permanent sadness serum and make the barrier sad, for all Toon created things may get sad. They enter into the playground where everyone is hiding. They attack the crowd, killing four toons in one hit. Suddenly, a downpour begins and lightning explodes down on the cogs, destroying them.. The new cogs, more immune to water keep attacking, but grow weak. As they start exploding, the head cog goes to attack Flippy, where he attacks him. Flippy fights back hard, but the cog is to strong. Just before Flippy goes sad, the cog blows up from the lightning.

Several days after the storm....

The storm has passed, leaving Toontown devastated. The toons are slowly trying to rebuild the shops and Flippy is trying to invent a serum to make the toons happy again. After he does, many toons leave. They fear these cogs are to difficult to defeat. Flippy sends a group of thousands of toons left to fight the Chairman. In the battle, the toons find they must defeat each boos before they reach the Chairman. As they finally reach the Chairman, they must then fight the new cogs, each level 15-20 and all have over 800 life. The toons fight, but they are almost out of gags. One toon finds out that the cogs weakness is drop, for they can't look up. After they defeat the cogs, now able to since they know their weakness, face the Chairman. This is the only boss they must use gags on. Being more powerful then all other cogs combined, he is no match to the toons. He kills them all and none can defeat him.

One year later....

Toontown is in ruins. Rarely toons are found for they have all quit, do to no updates, no new ways to defeat the Chairmen, from the Toon Council. One day, Fippy finds a way to defeat the Chairman. He realizes that, since he is like the new cogs, he doesn't like electricity. Flippy creates a new gag track: Electric. several toons return to try out the new gags. They reach the Chairman and use the electricity on him. They defeat him and the cogs realize that toons have developed a weapon that can destory them all. The leave to their HQ's where the bosses decide to leave and find a different land to destroy. (I hope it's Club Penguin).

And all is well...... THE END.

Wow, that was a really long post. LOL I do really hope it's Club Penguin.

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