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When a Toon defeats a v2.0 Cog, they then have to fight their skeleton!

–Toontown Player's Guide

Downsizer 2.0

V2.0 cogs (also known as version 2.0 cogs) are a specific kind of cog that, once defeated, returns as a skelecog with full health. This skelecog does not attack on the first round. This kind of cog is exclusive to Bossbot Headquarters, meaning they are all Bossbots.




  • If a pink slip is used on a V2.0 cog, it does not return as a skelecog.
  • When a suited V2.0 cog is destroyed in a turn the same time the next gags are going to attack, the skelecog V2.0 cog's health meter will be broken.
    • In addition to this, if a V2.0's skelecog is defeated on the same turn as it turns into one, it will be invisible while exploding.
  • There are no V2.0 cogs below level 9.
  • In the Chief Executive Officer battle, the V2.0 cogs that toons fight wear waiter suits.