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Virtual Skelecogs

Virtual Skelecogs are Skelecogs that are projected from a camera, but they can still attack you and take away your Laff points. Likewise, you can still hit them with Gags too. They are very powerful (Levels 10 and 11). If you defeat the group, you will not gain any Jury Notices or gag experience, so only purposely activate them if you know you will still have enough gags once you get to the Clerk, or if somebody has a restock. The only way to encounter them is to fail the puzzle in the District Attorney's Office in Lawbot Headquarters. There can be only Spin Doctor, Legal Eagle, and Big Wig. Virtual Skelecogs as none are higher than level 11 and none are lower than level 10.


  • The Virtual Skelecogs are also known as Holocogs, since the virtual skelecogs are just a hologram. [Citation Needed »]
  • Even though they are just holograms, they are able to damage toons just like any cogs.
  • Virtual Skelecogs are one of the reasons the Toon Council puts Laff Point restrictions on Offices B, C and D.
  • Since an update in January 2011, when any toon fails a puzzle, all toons are pulled into battle with these cogs.
    • Because of said update, if in the unlucky chance two toons fail both puzzles in a room at the same time, they will be caught in both battles, making the fight unable to be won.

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Skelecog virtuel
ES.png Spanish Esquelecog virtual
D.png German ???
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese ???
Japan.png Japanese ???