Walrus Way
Walrus Way Tunnel.jpg
No blubbering allowed!
The Brrrgh
Goes to:
Lighthouse Lane
General information
Minimum cog level: 5
Maximum cog level: 7
Max building floors: 5 floors
Building cog level: 10
Cog type rarity
90% 10% 0% 0%
Walrus Way.png
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Walrus Way is a street of The Brrrgh. There are mainly Bossbots, but no Cashbots or Sellbots. This street will lead to Lighthouse Lane, Donald's Dock.

The fisherman at this street's fishing hole is Fisherman Lucille.


  1. Kate's Skates (Kate)
  2. Affordable Goosebumps (Gus Gooseburger)
  3. Used Firewood (Ashy)
  4. Easy Chair Lifts (Lazy Lorenzo)
  5. The Sanguine Penguin Tuxedo Shop (Happy Sue)
  6. Melted Ice Cubes (Soggy Nell)
  7. Ice House Jewelry (Creepy Carl)
  8. Icy London, Icy France Travel Agency (Patty Passport)
  9. Snow Ball Hall (Lounge Lassard)
  10. Pea Soup Cafe (Chicken Boy)
  11. St. Bernard Kennel Club (Snooty Sinjin)
  12. Eye of the Storm Optics (Dr. Friezeframe)
  13. Auntie Freeze's Radiator Supply (Auntie Freeze)
  14. Subzero Sandwich Shop (Sandy)
  15. The Mostly Toasty Bread Company (Baker Bridget)
  16. Skiing Clinic and First Aid! (Henry the Hazard)
  17. The Melting Ice Cream Bar (Sticky George)
  18. Fred's Red Sled Beds (Fred)
  19. Snow Big Deal! Crisis Management (Hysterical Harry)
  20. Cold Air Balloon Rides (Ifalla Yufalla)
  21. Frosty Freddy's Frozen Frankfurters (Frosty Freddy)
  22. Fried Baked Alaskas (Colestra Awl)
  23. Frosted Snowflakes Cereal Co. (Colonel Crunchmouth)
  24. Ice Cycle Bikes (Lance Iceberg)
  25. Igloo Design, Inc. (Frank Lloyd Ice)
  26. Mr. Cow's Snow Plows (Mr. Cow)
  27. Mike's Massive Mukluk Mart (Mike Mittens)
  28. Antarctic Antiques (Granny Icestockings)
  29. Nothing to Luge (Lucy Luge)
  30. The Blizzard Wizard (Lil Oldman)
  31. Hambrrrgers (Chef Bumblesoup)
  32. Instant Ice (Just Add Water and Freeze!) (Mr. Freeze)
  33. Toboggan or Not Toboggan (Toboggan Ted)
  34. Nor'Easter Bonnets (Bonnie)
  35. Northern Lights Electric Company (Joe Shockit)

In other languages

Language Name
FR.png French Chemin du Marin
ES.png Spanish Calle de La Morsa
D.png German Walrossweg[1]
BRZ.png Brazilian Portuguese
Japan.png Japanese セイウチ・ストリート


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