Not to be confused with the accessory trunk, where toons keep their accessories.


A boy toon's wardrobe

A wardrobe is a place where toons keep their clothing. Each toon gets their own wardrobe in their house. When at a friend's house, you may try on their clothes, but you may not keep them. The minimum amount of storage space is 10, while the current maximum is 50.


A girl toon's wardrobe

Prices of Wardrobes

Each wardrobe costs 500 jellybeans, or 600 in the backorder. Every toon starts with the 10 item wardrobe, so that one is free. 


  • Boy toons' and girl toons' wardrobes look different.
  • Sometimes a girl toon will get a wardrobe that is the same as the boy toons, and a boy toon will get a girl toons wardrobe. 
  • Bigger wardrobes were released on the Test Server on November 29, 2007[1] while it came out on open on December 4, 2007[2].
  • For a limited time, the 50 item closet only cost 50 jellybeans.

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