Welcome Valley is a district where new toons start out.

Each district has its own version of Welcome Valley containing only Toontown Central and Goofy Speedway. If you're in a different district, and go to Welcome Valley, you cannot go to anywhere other than Toontown Central or Goofy Speedway without being moved to your previous district. Welcome Valley has invasions. Say there was an invasion in Boingyboro and you switched to Welcome Valley from Boingyboro, you would be still playing in Boingyboro since it's the same except no other playgrounds apart from Toontown Central and Goofy Speedway.


  • Welcome Valley is always "part of" the last district you're in, which means, for example, you're in Nuttyville, and move to Welcome Valley, any Toon who clicks on your info will see that you're in "Welcome Valley (Nuttyville)"
  • After the Toontorial, you always appear in this district.
  • Welcome Valley is often full on Halloween, due to high amounts of black cat Toons being created.
  • If you were not in Toontown Central and you switch to Welcome Valley, you will always appear in Toontown Central instead of the place that you were at before you switched.
  • If you go somewhere other than Toontown Central, Goofy Speedway, or your estate, you will be moved out of Welcome Valley.
  • Welcome Valley's quiet, ideal, and full system is different than normal districts (Welcome Valley will become full when there are 20 Toons in every Welcome Valley district, while normal districts become full when there are 600 Toons in that one district.) This is because there are 30 "normal" districts, so if all 30 Welcome Valley versions are full, there will be a total of 600 Toons in Welcome Valley.
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