Winter Holiday around Toontown

Winter Holiday is a time in Toontown between December 14 and January 4. Just like Halloween, there are special things happening at this time. The streets are decorated, winter parties, the special holiday Cattlelog items, and caroling for a snowman head.

Winter parties

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Winter Parties first introduced flappy and inflatable cogs. Also in the catching game for parties, the fruit changes to presents.

Special holiday cattlelog

Monkey winter

A monkey with special Winter Holiday Cattlelog items

Just like during other holidays, Clarabelle's Cattlelog has special items pertaining to Winter Holiday. There are clothing, furniture, and statues for your garden. Once Winter Holiday is over, toons can still use these items, but they cannot be bought until next Winter Holiday, unless it goes to the backorder.


Warning: Spoilers ahead. Be cautious when reading.
Winter Holiday Caroling-puzzle

Winter Holiday Puzzle

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Caroling is an activity toons can do during this time to get a snowman head. In order to obtain a snowman head, visit all of the following buildings, in any order:

Building Street Neighborhood
Joy Buzzers to the World Silly Street Toontown Central
Gifts with a Porpoise Seaweed Street Donald's Dock
Pine Needle Crafts Elm Street Daisy Gardens
Shave and a Haircut for a Song Alto Avenue Minnie's Melodyland
Snowman's Land Polar Place The Brrrgh
Talking in Your Sleep Voice Training Pajama Place Donald's Dreamland

In each building, when a toon says one of the caroling SpeedChat phrases, they will receive 100 jellybeans. In the sixth building, the toon's head will turn into a snowman head.


  • Regardless if a caroling building is taken over by cogs or not, using the phrase inside the building will still give out the jellybeans.


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