Not to be confused with Sleepy and the House of Zzzzzs.
ZZZ treasure

The DDL treasure

The ZZZ is a type of treasure that can be found in the Donald's Dreamland Playground and the CFO battle.

In the CFO battle, ZZZs are released by large orange or red helmet goons when they are disabled.

During ValenToon's Day, the laff points received are doubled, which means that you would receive 24 laff points.

Laff Points Healed

  • Donald's Dreamland - 12
  • CFO Battle - 12
  • Valentoon's Day - 24



ZZZs locations

A total of 17 ZZZs can be collected.

Above Ground


(Top to bottom; left to right)

  • In front of Pajama Place tunnel
  • In front of the Pet Shop
  • To the left of the Party Gate (Party Gate not shown on map; Party Gate left of the fishing pond entrance)
  • In front of the Party Gate
  • Near the Toon HQ
  • Directly in the middle of the playground
  • Near the Toon HQ (facing Lullaby Lane)
  • Also in the middle of the playground (nearest to Lullaby Lane)
  • To the right of the fishing pond entrance
  • Near the stairs (near the pillow)
  • Next to the Donald Jack-in-the-box.
  • Between the wall and the stairs (nearest to the pond)
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